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  Jet Fabricators' Custom Metal Fabrication In-House Capabilities
Jet Fabricators can fabricate, machine, and finish quality metal components from 1” square brackets to 6000# mainframe assemblies in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metal, from prototypes to production runs. Jet’s fabricators, machinists, and finishers can work with 20-gauge sheet metal up to heavy bar and plate.

- Bending up to 7 ga.x 12'
- Forming up to 7 ga. x 12'
- Plasma Cutting up to 2"
- Laser Cutting up to ¾"
- Rolling ¼” x 6’
- Sawing 16" dia.
- Shearing ¼” x 8’
- Torch Cutting 1"
- Stamping 150-ton

- Cleaning
- Deburing
- Grinding
- 2 prime paint booths
- 1 finish booth with bake oven
- Oil Fog
- Brazing
- Soldering
- Spot Welding
- Welding
- TurboCAD v11
- 24 to 48 hour RFQ response

CNC Machining
- Boring up to 6" dia.
- Chamfering
- Countersinking
- Drilling
- Milling
- Tapping
- Turning up to 12" dia.

Value Added Items
- Lean Manufacturing Practices
- Blanket Orders
- Warehousing
- Kanban/JIT
- ISO/QS Compliant

  Equipment Lists:  Machine Shop  |  Fabricating  |   Finishing/Testing   |  Welding  

Jet Fabricators Inc. occupies over 100,000 square feet of floor space-enough to produce and handle the biggest customer request. Jet Fabricators Inc., with its extensive facilities and competently skilled fabricators, is seldom plagued with production snags or bottlenecks often encountered in smaller plants. Jet Fabricators Inc. has the capacity and the personnel to take on small jobs and large jobs, then complete them with efficiency and greatest possible economy.

Our Plant covers 90,000 square feet of productive working area, 9,200 square feet of storage area and 1,600 square feet of office and engineering area.

Our fabricating facilities and equipment permit a wide area of versatility which encompasses aluminum, monel, stainless and steel in thickness ranging from 1/32" up to heavy plate or bar.

Experience should be one of your foremost considerations when assigning your product to any manufacturer. Jet Fabricators Inc. can boast of 50 years of machining, fabricating and welding experience. As of February, 2006, we are celebrating our 50th Year in operation.  Administrative and supervisory personnel, as well as the majority of our skilled workers, have had many years of experience with most of the varieties of problems in the metal fabricating business. Every effort is constantly put forth to keep us abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the metal-working industry.

Metal Fabrication

  Our Talented Staff
Our machine shop is fully staffed and equipped to furnish complete tooling for your products; while the paint shop, complete with three Randsburg Electrostatic Paint Units, has the capability to finish the end product to your exacting specifications. Manpower includes more than 30 production workers.

Independent Quality Control Department, MIL-I-45208A, MIL-C-45662A,
MIL-STD-120, MIL-STD-105D, Statistical Process Control, ANSI Y14.5, Q100
Sampling Plan.

Welding Certifications in carbon, stainless, aluminum, and aluminized D1.1/D1.2 through Calumet Testing of Griffith, IN

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Equipment includes shears and press brakes of various capacities, punch presses of multiple types and capacities, complete assembly department; welding equipment including spot welding, seam-welding, heli-arc welding machines, manual-arc welding, and submerged-arc with automatic feed; acetylene and brazing equipment camograph, electric eye and plasma burning machines.

 Machining Equipment
Three(3) U.S. Vertical Mills 10” x 42” table with rods & indicators Index Vertical Mill 9” x 42” table with rods & indicators Induma Vertical Mill 9” x 42” table
Acra Surface Grinder 8” x 10” Magnetic Table Solberga Sweden 24” Drill Press with 16" x 24" table No. 5 B & O Turret Lathe with air bar feed
Two(2) ½” x 16” Clausing 6 Spindle Drill Press Willis 26” Drill Press 12” x 20” table ½” x 14” Atlas Single Spindle with multiple heads
½” x 16” Walker Turner Drill Press with ¼” tapping head Giddings & Lewis 4’ Radial Drill Barnes Drill Press 1.5” dia. X 20” table
South Bend 17” Turn-Ado Engine Lathe ½” x 16” Canedy Otto Two Spindle Drill Press Leland & Gifford 4 Spindle Drill Press
Milwaukee 14” Shaper Haas CNC Vertical Mill Hendy Lathe 14” x 48”
Haas CNC Lathe Du-More Grinder No. 5 Wells Band Saw Model 600 11” capacity
Two(2) Ellis 16” Mitre Bandsaw 40’ length capacity Do-All 15” Contour Band Saw Two(2) Ellis Indexing Band Saws
Two(2) Palatek 75 HP air compressors Kichen- Walker 8’ Radial Drill Leroi-Dresser 30HP air compressor

Fabrication/Forming Equipment
Two(2) Strippit Fabricator Model Super 30/40 complete with scale, gauging, & duplicator 30” throat, 40 ton Strippit Fabricator Model 30/30 complete with scale, gauging & duplicator 30 ton 125 ton Cincinnati ¼” x 6’ Power Brake Press 4”stroke, 11”shut height
60 ton Verson Brake Power Brake 11 ga. x 10’4”stroke, 12” shut height 15 ton Niagara Brake Press 16 ga. x 4’ 150 ton Niagara Power Press Brake ¼” x 10’4” stroke, 12” shut height
¼” x 8’ Cincinnati Open End Shear with electronic back gauge 10 ga. x 6’ Wysong Shear Model 1072 with precision back gauge 50 Ton Mubea Ironworker
100 ton Mubea Ironworker Wellsaw Automatic Saw with bar feed 26 ton Bliss No. 20 OBI Punch Press
30 ton Rockford Punch Press 2.5" Stroke 25 ton Rousell 3G. Punch Press 18” throat, 2.5” stroke 40 ton Rousell 4G. Punch Press 24” throat, 3” stroke
60 ton Rousell 6G. Punch Press 24” throat 75 ton Bliss No. 23 Punch Press 4” stroke, 12” shut height 150 ton Bliss Press with air cushion
200 ton Dries & Krump Brake Press Savage Nibbler ¼” capacity with attachments Libert Circle Shear
Wallace Tube Bender with dies Di-Arco No. 3 Bender Di-Arco 6” Hand Notcher
Di-Arco 12” Hand Shear Di-Arco 24” Hand Apron Brake Di-Arco 12” Hand Roll 1” diameter rolls
8” Hand Roll ½” diameter rolls Wysong Power Bending Roll 10 ga.x4’ Wysong Power Bending Roll 3/16” capacity 6” dia. 72” long
*Cincinnati CL-6 Laser Cutting System    

*With our state-of-the-art Cincinnati CL-6 Laser Cutting System, we can provide customers with the assurance of the highest quality parts day-in and day-out.  The positioning accuracy of the CL-6 is a precise +/- .001 over the entire cutting area.  The rapid pierce feature of the CL-6 significantly reduces the amount of time required to begin the cutting process.  For parts or nests of higher volume, the overall processing time is gratly reduced.

Finishing/Testing Equipment
Micron 2.5” wide Belt Sander & Polisher Delta 6” wide Belt Sander HP Variable Speed Grinding & Polishing Machine
30” dia. 32” wide Grav-i-Flo tumbler 3 stage parts cleaning tanks Three paint booths with bake oven
Roll Abrader Tumbler Tank testing equipment to 50psi 1500 psi hydrostatic test equipment
Inspection Equipment including surface plates, height gauges, V blocks, etc.    

Welding/Cutting/Burning Equipment
Federal 75 KVA spot welder with electronic control Airco 400 amp. AC heli-arc welder 400 amp. motor generator welder with stud welding attachment
Sixteen 300 amp. Hobart micro-weld MIG welders Four 300 amp. AC Airco arc welders 300 amp. AC/DC Miller arc welder with heli-arc attachment
300 amp. Hobart Ciber-tib AC/DC welder with programmer & heli-arc attachment Airco 6’ acetylene burner Acetylene welding, brazing, silver solder, Soft solder equipment
Two Airco Camograph acetylene burners NCG Type RMI 4 torch flame shape cutting machine  

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