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Custom Metal Fabrication Services
Custom metal fabrications, welding, and machining services in carbon steel, aluminum, sheet metal, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals are the specialty of Jet Fabricators. Since 1956, Jet Fabricators has been fabricating custom metal parts and assemblies, from 1” square brackets to 6000# mainframe weldments, for customers nationwide. From 20-gauge sheet metal to heavy bar and plate, Jet Fabricators can fabricate, machine, finish and test your custom fabrications in our well-equipped, and centrally located, 100,000 square foot facility. Coupled with our experienced staff of 30, averaging over 17 years of service, Jet Fabricators can produce quality custom metal fabrications in a timely and cost effective manner.

Prototypes to production runs are welcome.

Custom metal fabrications have yielded parts and assemblies such as the following:
- Railroad service vehicle assemblies
- Machine guards, panels and grills
- Frames, stands, and covers
- Architectural and access panels
- Prototypes
- Hoppers
- Industrial heater tanks and frames
- Industrial catwalks, platforms, ladders, weldments
- Pump, fan, and compressor components
- Levers and control components
- Heat shields
- Chain guards
- Instrument panels and doors
- Vehicle lighting fixtures
- Cooling tower parts
- Material handling components, including crane, lift truck, conveyor parts
- Enclosures and cabinets
- Mining, construction, and drilling equipment components
- Water filtering and bottling parts
- Packaging and labeling metal components
- Noise suppression equipment
- Metals industries and utilities
- Repair and maintenance items
- Miscellaneous metal components

While big enough to provide production requirements, we are not too big to furnish small service order quantities.

Our FAST turnaround service, called Speed Cell, enables quick production during tight deadlines.  Check out our Speed Cell Service.

Metal Fabrication

If your requirement is made from steel, we can fabricate it.

  Versatile Fabricators
From the smallest bracket to a mainframe assembly on a railroad maintenance vehicle, the products manufactured encompass a multitude of purposes in a variety of industries. Brackets, panels, levers as well as any number of assemblies have been produced to customer requests. Quantities of any items range from one piece to the thousands as demand warrants.

On construction equipment you may find small brackets and weldments on the interior of a machine, control levers and instrument panels in the operator's compartment, and side panels, grills, and reservoirs on its exterior, which we have fabricated.


Custom Fabrication of brackets, bars, arms, levers, guards, housings, enclosures.Jet Fabricators
has fabricated a wide variety of parts ranging from minute items to large assemblies for construction equipment.

To inquire about a custom project, contact us.

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