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Custom Metal Tank Fabrication Services
Custom metal tanks to your design, in sizes from ¾ gallon capacity to 2000 gallons, made from carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal have been a specialty of Jet Fabricators since 1956. Single and double wall construction tanks, as well as tanks with multiple ports are among the large variety of tanks fabricated by Jet Fabricators. All necessary fabrication, machining, finishing, and testing of these custom metal tanks can be performed in our centrally located, 100,000 square foot facility. From prototype tanks to full production runs, Jet Fabricators has the experience, facility, equipment, and customer service to provide you with a high quality tanks in a timely and cost effective manner.

Custom metal tanks to your design     Custom metal tanks to your design

These custom metal tanks have been used in a variety of applications by our customers nationwide, including these:
- Off road vehicles
- Mining and construction vehicles and equipment
- Shipping and railroad equipment applications
- Lift truck fuel tanks, hydraulic reservoirs, and oil tanks
- Portable, mobile, auxiliary and transfer fuel tanks
- Agricultural equipment tanks
- Oil and water separators
- Generator fuel tanks
- Marine Applications

Metal Fabrication

  Among the many types of custom metal tanks are the following:
- Fuel tanks
- Fuel cells
- Diesel fuel tanks
- Gasoline tanks
- Oil tanks
- Water tanks
- Storage tanks
- Lubricator tanks
- Condensate water tanks
- Separator tanks
- Expansion tanks

The tanks may be square, cylindrical, rectangular or skid-mounted.

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