Paint & Powder Coating

Paint & Powder Coating

The Finishing Touch

What makes Jet Fabricators different from all the other fabricators out there? Jet Fab is a full-service fabricator, we can take your project from start to finish, including your finishing needs. 

Did you know that Jet Fabricators can powder coat? Not only can we powder coat, but we are experts at powder coating. We offer comprehensive cleaning and part preparation and use only the best and most durable powders on the market. We can powder in any color you could possible dream of. The durability of our powder coating has been tested to the limits of 1000 salt spray hours!

If a powder coat finish is not what you are looking for, we also wet paint.  Jet Fab uses only the finest paints from Sherwin Williams. We paint in enamel, epoxy or whatever your requirement is.

Jet Fabricators routinely paints product to the tough standards required by the military; certainly we have the experience and quality that you are looking for on your project.

Should your project require a plated finish, we can handle that too. Our approved vendors can handle all  your zinc, black oxide, or anodize needs.


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